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14 September - 23 September 2012
Victoria and Albert Museum, London

A major installation for London Design Festival 2012, directed by Keiichi Matsuda and commissioned by Veuve Clicquot

Prism is a data-driven installation. It presents an alternative view of London, exposing intangible dataflows in the capital. It is a lens into a second city, one that is made from infrastructural data feeds and exchanges. Prism draws from a multitude of live data sources, including transport updates, traffic webcams and environmental data, and presents them in real time as a living patchwork of systems and processes. As machine languages and processes start to permeate the city, we must re-examine our urban landscape as a new and unexplored terrain. The installation is an investigation into the virtual life of the city, and our own often ambiguous relationship with the data that controls our lives.

Photograph © Susan Smart 2012


- Wallpaper (video)
- It's Nice That